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Assessment, recording and reporting in Religious Education


We assess children’s work in religious education by making informal judgements as we observe them during lessons. We mark a piece of work once it has been completed and we comment as necessary. On completion of a unit of work, we make a summary judgment about the work of each pupil in relation to the national curriculum levels of attainment. Children are assessed in Attainment Target 1 (learning about religions) and Attainment Target 2 (learning from religions). There is an eight level scale of expectations for R.E. for 5 – 14 age range. The scale should be used to set standards and expectations and to monitor children’s progress. We record the attainment and use this as a basis for assessing the progress of each child, for setting new goals, and passing information on to the teacher at the end of the year and end of year reports.


The RE subject leader is responsible for monitoring the standards of the children’s work and the quality of teaching in RE. They are also responsible for supporting colleagues in the teaching of RE, for being informed about current developments in the subject, and providing a strategic lead and direction for the subject in school. The RE subject leader annually identifies the strengths and weaknesses in the subject and indicates areas for further improvement in a report to the head teacher and governing body.