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Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities in Religious Education

Religious education is taught within the guidelines of the school’s equal-opportunities policy.


  • We ensure that all our children have the opportunity to gain religious education knowledge and understanding regardless of gender, race, class, physical or intellectual ability.
  • Our expectations do not limit pupil achievement and assessment does not involve cultural, social, linguistic or gender bias.
  • We aim to teach religious education in a broad global and historical context, using the widest possible perspective and including the contributions of people of many different backgrounds.
  • We draw examples from other cultures, recognising that simple technology may be superior to complex solutions.
  • We value religious education as a vehicle for the development of language skills, and we encourage our children to talk constructively about their religious education experiences.
  • In our teaching, religious education is closely linked with literacy, mathematics and computing.
  • We recognise the particular importance of first-hand experience for motivating children with learning difficulties.
  • We recognise that the philosophical questions posed by religious education may strongly engage our gifted and talented children, and we aim to challenge and extend them.