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Teachers are required to keep pertinent, up to date information about pupils’ attainment in mathematics. Ongoing judgements are made against the relevant National Curriculum objectives in daily mathematics lessons.  These assessments can be based on observations; by orally questioning the children; or by marking written work.  Marking will be undertaken in line with the relevant school policy and will include, where appropriate, an indication of the next steps needed for the child’s mathematical development.  A short amount of time will also be set aside for the children to respond to the teacher’s comments. 


This information will be used to inform the teacher’s planning for the next steps in the learning of individual children and provide accurate National Curriculum levels in the different areas of mathematics.


At the end of each half-term, a snapshot judgement is then made by class teachers regarding each child’s overall level of attainment in mathematics.  This assessment data is used to track the progress made by each child as they move through the school.  This information is also reported to and monitored by the mathematics subject leader, the senior leadership team and the school governors.


At the end of each academic year, assessment information will be passed on to the next class teacher or to the next school if a pupil moves school.  All information gathered will also be used to inform parents of their child’s progress and targets at both parents’ evenings and in written reports in the Spring and Summer Terms.