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Spring Term 2018

After Christmas, we enjoyed learning about the jungle. We have been thinking about which animals live in the jungle. We have done lots of cutting activities to make jungle leaves and snakes.


We loved learning about the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We enjoyed using tools to chop up fruit to see what they looked like inside. We also had a taste! Our favourites were pineapple, orange and mango.



We loved exploring and enjoying the snowy weather!


We all enjoyed experimenting with the snow to see what would happen when we added different materials, e.g. coloured water, salt and sugar. We used pipettes, spoons, funnels and cups to pour and mix.



Autumn Term 2017

In nursery, we have all had a brilliant couple of weeks settling in and getting to know everyone. The children are really enjoying exploring all the different areas to engage in play, as they continue to develop their interests. As a class, we all agreed on somethings we can all do to make sure that everyday is fun and positive. We decided to call it our ‘Promise Board’. The children suggested that “we all share our toys”, “we say please and thankyou” and “we have kind hands”.  






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