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PE Ambassadors

The Young Ambassador Programme is for exceptional young leaders and seeks to develop in them the skills to be an ambassador for PE and school sport.

Young Ambassadors use their personal skills and competencies to inspire and engage others in physical and sporting activities.

The Young Ambassador programme is for young people with a strong desire to drive opportunity, engagement and change so all young people can become involved in sport.

Young Ambassadors also demonstrate, through their commitment and enthusiasm the impact PE and sport can have on developing positive personal values through the involvement in sport.


Key Principles of the Young Ambassador Programme

  • Run for young people by young people
  • Represents young people as role modes e.g. ‘someone like me’
  • Encourages personal development of the best leaders
  • Challenges Young Ambassadors to be the best they can be


Roles and Responsibilities of a Young Ambassador

  • Develop projects to increase participation in PE, and promote healthy lifestyles
  • Train other Young Ambassadors
  • Promote PE and school sport and the positive values it can bring
  • Be the young peoples voice on PE and Sport in their school