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Sports Reports

Summer Term

Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala (15/06/18) 

Pupils attended: 

Aaron Slade, Erika Corns, Emmee Leach, Daniel Howarth, Pippa Mussem, Hal Shuttleworth, Jennifer Chen, Lexie Dutton, Allister Phillips, George Hardiman 

Our swimming team were excellent during the swimming gala and managed to grab 2nd place! Each child had an individual race to compete in and they also took part in a freestyle relay and a medley relay which all included some tricky strokes. These included the front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke. 

They managed to secure 3 gold medals, 1 silver, 3 bronzes and an overall silver medal. Well done team Whittlefield! 

Spring Term 2018

Cross Country

Elite cross country – Towneley Park  (21/02/18)

Pupils attended:

Erika Corns, Toby Robinson, Pippa Mussen, Ryan Symonds, Ellie Carter, Aaliyah Lawrence, Jason Seaton    


All participants tackled the Towneley park cross country to the best of their ability. It was a tough muddy course which included uphill and downhill runs and lots and lots of mud! Every child managed to finish the course in a good time. Erika Corns managed to grab 3rd place meaning she will go through to the East Lancashire School Cross Country finals taking place at Witton Park in Blackburn on Thursday 14th June.


Football CVL @ Shuttleworth (30/01/18)

Pupils attended:

Kayson Doe, Corben Barton, Aaron Slade, Jason Seaton, Ryan Symonds, Toby Robinson,  Taylor Hughes


Whittlefield 4-0 Padiham primary (2)

Whittlefield 2-2 Wellfield

Whittlefield 2-3 St Leonard’s 


Gymnastics competition – Best centre (20/02/18)

Pupils attended:

James Archer, Jonathan Singkhu, Mia Kirtley, Maddison Everitt, Bethany Fildes


The children managed to grab 5th place during today’s gymnastics competition out of a total of 17 schools. They had to perform two tricky routines. One being the floor routine and the other being the vault.

Multi Skills

Multi skills festival (24/01/18)

Pupils attended:

Emma Donnelly, Jack Gorton, Katerina Stevenson, Scott Hughes, Hayden Cheetham, Khia Doe,                 Niall Barnham, Lilly Anderson

These children from Whittlefield had a fun time taking part in different multi skills activities at Burnley College. They took part in different sports and skill based activities.

Sports Festival

Sports festival (24/01/18)

Pupils attended:

Gracie Gorton, Ocean Devers, Ezekiel Webster, Dominic Harper

Today was an amazing chance for four of our children from Whittlefield to try a new sport and something they haven’t done before. The sports festival was held at Thomas Whittam Sixth Form in the sports hall and was based on wheelchair sports.  This included wheelchair hand ball and wheelchair basketball. They all tried their best and showed resilience and determination from start to finish! Well done to all four of you, you were excellent.