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Reception 2015-2016 Archive


Welcome to Reception!


Mrs Nicholls






Recently we have been learning all about space. Oliver made a rocket at home which inspired our class to find out more. We have learnt about our solar system, rockets and aliens.

The children used junk modelling to make a rocket, they had lots of fun using old things to make something new. We also turned the corner of our classroom into the inside of a rocket. The children have enjoyed exploring the new area and pretending to have an adventure in outer space.

reception space1 reception space2

reception space3

World Book Day

Last week we celebrated World Book Day. Our class enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character and talking about their favourite book.

reception book day1 reception book day2

reception book day3 reception book day4

Class Visitor

We have had a visitor into our classroom to talk to us all about keeping our teeth nice and clean and healthy.

Zara told us that we need to use adult toothpaste and that we need to clean our teeth twice a day. We met Zara’s friend Blue, who showed us how to brush our teeth properly. We had great fun, using Blue’s huge toothbrush to clean his teeth.

We learnt all about the foods that we should try to eat less of as they are full of sugar. Zara also gave us a present; our very own toothbrush and adult toothpaste!

We had great fun finding out lots of new information and decided to set up our own dentist role play area. We have been pretending to be patients and the den-tist and dental nurse and have been writing appointment cards, answering the telephone and fixing broken teeth!

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