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Reception Archive 2016-2017

Settling in

Our children have made an amazing start to their school life. They have made new friends and they seem really happy and settled.

Together we created a ‘Class Agreement’ on the things that would make our classroom a nice place to be and a great place to learn. This is what we all agreed on and the children have made actions to go with each one!

*We have kind hands

*We sit nicely

*We put our hand up

*We share everything

*We take turns on the bikes

*We use our manners

*We all help to tidy up

They are trying really hard to stick to our agreement and remind each other of what is expected, which is great!




We have started to learn our letter sounds which the children seem to really enjoy! There is an action and a rhyme to also help with the formation of the letter. The letter sound is sent home once it has been introduced so that parents can help their child (and learn the rhymes too!). When we have learnt a group of letters we then start to blend (put the sounds together to say the word). We use the ‘green words’ below.




For more information on the phonic scheme, please clink on the phonic tab on our home page.

Child Initiated Learning

20161013_094635 20161013_094707

 We love to see what the children are  interested in and like to develop their  learning through their interests. Mia  came into school with a pumpkin that she  had carved at home. This created huge  interest amongst the children as they  were all excited to see inside and find out  more. Together we discussed what we already knew about pumpkins and then thought about what else we would like to know about them. We then planned how we would find out the answers.

20161018_093625 20161018_093628

20161018_092102 20161018_092319






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