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School Council

School Council nominations have taken place and the new members of the School Council have been chosen.

Year 1- Jack Hale and Libby Barton

Year 2-Khia Doe and Annie Johnson

Year 3-Liam Ingham and Bobbie-Jo Massam

Year 4-Daniel Howarth and Erika Corns

Year 5-Kayson Doe and Megan Barker

Year 6-Charlotte Martin and Phoebe Gidley


Our Chair is Charlotte and our Treasurer is Megan!

After emptying our class suggestion boxes, we have listened to what our peers would like and we are now researching the cost of a buddy bench or a buddy stop as a place to go if you are on your own at playtime.

The School Council would also like to buy new playtime resources…but with a twist! We are looking into getting den building equipment and large construction pieces to allow our imaginations to run wild! School Council members are investigating companies and what they offer ready for our next meeting.

Watch this space for more details.