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School Council


School Council make up the grapevine for sharing ideas in school. They collect ideas, challenges and issues from their classes and share them in their half termly meetings with Mrs Nicholls.

Our Chair is Charlotte and our Treasurer is Megan!

After emptying our class suggestion boxes, we have listened to what our peers would like and we are now researching the cost of a buddy bench or a buddy stop as a place to go if you are on your own at playtime.

The School Council would also like to buy new playtime resources…but with a twist! We are looking into getting den building equipment and large construction pieces to allow our imaginations to run wild! School Council members are investigating companies and what they offer ready for our next meeting.

Year 1 – Amelia Hunt and Scarlett Webster

Year 2 – Sam Longworth and Mia Smith

Year 3 – Lucie – Ann Mellor and Niall Barnham

Year 4 – Mia Kirtley and Seth Mahon

Year 5 –  Lexie Dutton and Jennifer Chen

Year 6 – Abigail Wilkinson and Millie Farrell