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Year 1 Archive 2016-2017

Church Visit

Monday 15th May

On Monday Year 1 visited Ightenhill Methodist Church to learn about Baptism. On arrival we met Mr Clarke who is the Reverend. He told us lots of information about the church and what goes on every week. We were especially interested in Wednesday mornings as the church holds a coffee morning with lots of yummy cakes!

Year 1 asked lots of important questions such as; ‘do you baptise babies Mr Clarke?’ ‘Do you teach people about Mary and Joseph?’ ‘Why do you put water on the baby’s head?’ ‘Why do you pray?’

We also had a tour of the church. The children enjoyed listening to the organ, although it was rather loud! It made the floor shake!

When we arrived back at school the children had lots to say about our visit to the church:-

“They have yummy cakes on a Wednesday morning!” – Sam

“The church had a prayer room.” – Jacob

“I know why people pray at church now!” – Mia

‘I learnt when people pray, they are talking to God” – Oscar

“The microphones are for people who can’t hear very well” – Jack

 “The church has tables for flowers.” – Libby

“Babies are baptised to welcome them into the Christian community.” – Amy

“Easter Sunday at 6 o’clock in the morning, they go to church and sing songs.” – Emily 

The Great Fire of London

Our topic in Year 1 for this half term has been about The Great Fire of London. We have had fun building a fire engine for our role play area and we even got to look round a real fire engine.


In English we have been reading the story Zog by Julia Donaldson. We have used drama, character descriptions, and story maps and used lots of adjectives to create our own ending for the story.


We have been busy in maths learning about shape, measures, repeating patterns and doing lots of other work on numbers and calculations.