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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

In this section of the website we aim to post details that may be of interest to parents of Year 2 children, such as details of Year 2 routines. We will also showcase a selection of the fantastic work that our talented children have produced.

Home Reading in Year 2

In Year Two, your child will be given the opportunity to change their home reading book every day.  All that they need to do is pop it in the blue box when they first go in the classroom (don’t worry, the teacher will remind the children).  Any book that needs changing needs to be accompanied by your child’s Reading Diary.  Please write a comment in the Reading Diary to say that the book is finished.  You may also write comments based on your child’s home reading.

We would like the children to change their home reading books at least once per week (but hopefully more often).  If your child would like to re-read the book that they have been given that is also fine, as it helps the children to become familiar with words and the patterns of language (please note in the diary if you would like this to happen).

Please make sure that home reading books and Reading Diaries are returned to school every day as your child’s teacher may also want to hear your child read.


Children will be set one piece of maths and one piece of English homework on a Monday, this is due in on Friday. They will also be given a more open ended project at the start of a half term, usually linked to a topic they are doing in school. The children enjoy completing the projects and are always excited to share what they have created when they hand them in! Children are also expected to practise their times tables and spellings for a weekly test which takes place on a Friday, a couple of minutes on a daily basis is enough to help your child with this. There are links on the resources section of the website to educational games where children can practise in a fun way too!


In Year 2 PE will be on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Children do need to have their PE kit in school at all times during term time in case other opportunities arise for which they need them. PE kit should comprise of plain black shorts, a red round-neck t-shirt and black pumps. In addition to this, children are advised to have a pair of trainers and plain black jogging bottoms for outdoor PE in the winter months.

Please come to speak to us if there is ever anything you feel that you need to know, we are always around!

Many thanks,


The Year 2 Team

(Mrs Draper and Mrs Murphy)

Spring Term

In Year 2 we have been learning all about explorers. We have found out about lots of exciting people who have shaped what we know about our world, from Robert Scott to Christopher Columbus. We have used the computers and books to research famous explorers and have created some lovely artwork of exotic parrots, using collage techniques. We tried to get inside the mind of people who have been on dangerous expeditions and used the conscience alley drama technique to try and get inside their minds and help them make a decision whether the trip is worth it or not.


World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day across the school and each class focussed their work on the picture book, Flotsam – by David Weisner. After an assembly, children went back to classes to be greeted by a mysterious box which we later discovered contained two real-life class fish! They have since been called Dory and Nemo. We also dressed up in our pyjamas and brought our favourite books to school to share with friends and also parents, who were invited in to classes in the morning to read with their children. Drop everything and read was also a big success on the day. This was where children, when they heard the bell, had to stop what they were doing (whether in P.E., at dinner time or in the middle of maths) and read their book. We really enjoyed this.


This term we have also been having weekly swimming lessons. The children have been amazing! We had children who couldn’t swim at all at the start of the sessions that have come on in leaps and bounds. We are extremely proud of all of them all!


Year 2 Archive
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