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Year 3 Archive 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 3!

Roman Fact Files

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Brit Week

(w/c 2nd May)

We’ve been learning about Antony Gormley who was commissioned to make some sculptures to be placed in Belfast. They are called ‘The sculptures of the Derry Walls’ and are of twoe people standing back to back but joined together. They represent the divide in Northern Ireland and mean that even though people have different cultures and beliefs, they still stand strong together.

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On Wednesday 13th January we had a special guest in Year 3. Mr Riley came into school to show us some science experiments related to our topic of ‘Rock and Roll’ for this half term.

First of all he explained how the ‘Big Bang’ happened . We each had a piece of plasticine that joined together like the particles after the Big Bang explosion. He explained to us that this then became planet earth.

We then looked at another experiment that showed us how a volcano explodes, we loved watching the bubbles foam out of the cone, just like a volcano explosion.

Then we did an experiment ourselves to discover which type of rock was the hardest, sandstone or limestone. We did this by rub-bing a sandstone and limestone rock together and looked under a magnifying glass to see what particles had fallen off the rocks. We decided that the sandstone particles had come off which meant that the limestone was the hardest.

Then he showed us how rocks change over time. We built a tower out of sugar cubes and then poured water over them to see how water changes rocks. We saw pot holes appear in the sugar cubes as the sugar dissolved in water.

It was a very exciting afternoon and we learnt lots.