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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at Whittlefield Primary School!

Welcome to Year Four’s class page!

Class teacher- Mr Riley

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Gladstone

Spring Term

In the Spring Term, we looked at teeth and the digestive system in Science.  We looked at different drinks and how they can decay your teeth using egg shells to represent our teeth.  We found out that fresh orange juice is really bad for your teeth!  Make sure you brush twice each day!

On World Book Day, we all came to school in our pyjamas and brought our favourite book.  We also received our class pets, two goldfish called Bubble and Squeak.  They helped to give us some ideas for our writing.


In Science Week we investigated which materials absorbed the most water to design an ‘Astro-Nappy’ for an astronaut.  We also investigated aerodynamics and air resistance and designed and tested our own paper aeroplanes.


Autumn Term

We have already started our Science work about electricity and have already learned about different appliances which need mains electricity or battery power.  We have learned how to create a simple circuit and will be learning more about conductors, insulators and switches.  We will also learn about the dangers of mains electricity through internet research.


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