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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at Whittlefield Primary School!

Ancient Egyptians

This term in Year 4 we are studying the Ancient Egyptians and how they used live. We are learning all about the importance of the river Nile, Egyptian pharaohs as well as much more! We have being looking at using historical sources to find out about their lives. We did this through a reenactment of Howard Carters discovery of Tutankhamun. We made our own pyramid in class and did a relay race to find all the artefacts. We also had to work out the Egyptian hieroglyphs. We are going to write some diaries discussing the amazing artefacts he found!




In Year 4 we have been learning about electricity. We had lots of fun making our very own Wigglebots! We made an electrical circuit to make our wigglebots move. Our circuits included a battery, wires and a motor. We’ve lots more to learn about electricity over the next few weeks, so watch this space to see what else we have been up to!

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Want to know how something works like a dishwasher, toaster or even a chocolate fountain? Then come and ask us in Year 4, as we have been looking at how things work and writing amazing explanations! We watched videos of incredible inventions such as Wallace and Grommit’s fantastic Auto-Chef as well as The Sort Machine and then wrote some excellent explanations about how they work!

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