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Whittlefield Primary and Nursery School
Dream Believe Achieve


Our teacher in Nursery is Mrs Sumner and she is helped my Miss Shadjat.

It has been an exciting start to Nursery and we are looking forward to teaching you this next year and hope you will enjoy your time in Nursery.

Some work will be challenging, but it’s lots of fun too!

Autumn Term

Our first half term in Nursery has been focused settling into our new classroom and making some golden rules to make sure that our classroom is a happy and safe place to be. The children came up with lots of fabulous ideas that Mrs Sumner recorded on our class promise.

We spent some time talking about our families and we talked about how families are all unique and different. The children loved sharing their family collages and drawing family portraits.

We also explored some of the seasonal changes and went on an autumn walk to look for some Autumn treasures.

In Nursery we love to share books and in Autumn 1 we shared some of the following lovely stories;


Autumn Term 2

This next half term is set to be a busy one as we start our celebrations topic. Over the coming weeks we will be finding out different celebrations from various religions. We will be looking at how we celebrate and how others celebrate as well as looking at similarities and differences.

In maths we will be exploring all thing number. This will include; developing fast recognition of up to 3 objects, without having to count them individually (‘subitising’),  Saying one number for each item in order up to 5 and linking numerals and amounts: for example, showing the right number of objects to match the numeral up to 5.

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